If customers are happy and satisfied, we are too!, with an online sales experience for 11 years now, makes its knowledge available to research and offer the best hosiery for its customers. sells socks produced with controlled yarns that do not create allergic reactions and give greater comfort in contact with the skin. offers women light and heavy worked tights that can be worn every day or elegant tight that make them feel comfortable and at ease in ceremonies as well as cotton socks for when they exercise or go for a run.
For men it presents comfortable and elegant knee-high for the office or sports socks that protect the feet from the use of sneakers or trekking shoes. recommends for your children socks that protect their feet or non-slip socks for use at home or at school. sells graduated compression stockings to prevent and treat blood circulation disorders such as varicose veins, weak capillaries or thrombosis.


No-slide sock baby

Anti-slide cotton socks children

Socks man with Tic Tac Toe

Knee-high in cotton with Tic Tac Toe

Carezza support pantyhose curative 140 den

Graduated compression pantyhose therapeutic 140 denier

No-slide sock baby

Anti-slide cotton socks children

Chiffon knee-high man

Knee-high sock for man in Chiffon

Carezza Sweet line pantyhose 70 den low-rise

Pantyhose 70 denier low-rise all nude with T-band and toe reinforced.

Fashon New Products

Carillon tights

40 denier tights with fake parisian stocking.

Pantyhose net multicolor

Pantyhose net multicolor

Rombettii pantyhose

Cotton tight Rombetti