Shipments in Italy

The following methods are available for shipments throughout Italy, including the islands, San Marino and Vatican City:

Type of Shipping
Shipping is always via express courier (the seller will choose the shipper according to what currently offers the best service). reliable with tracked shipping.

Shipping times
The shipment takes place, unless otherwise indicated and except for the exceptional cases indicated in the conditions of sale, in 1 working day (in addition to that of the order) and the delivery takes place in 1-2 working days excluding the shipping day.
For logistical reasons some of our products may take longer to be ready for shipment, in these cases the approximate time for the departure of the shipment is indicated on the product page.

Shipping has a basic cost of EUR 6.90 but becomes free if the amount of the goods ordered is equal to or greater than EUR 59.00 or if one or more products with "Shipping" are present in the order Free of charge ".

Shipments all over the world

The shipment of our products is foreseen outside Italy or the states of San Marino and Vatican City. The exact cost of shipments can be found in the cart summary in the Menu, otherwise directly on the cart page.


As reported in the conditions of sale, the cost of the return, as long as it has been approved by us, is always at We will pay for it and it will take place with the modalities that will be indicated to you in response to the request.

Recipient availability problems if the recipient is not available, you will be contacted by the offices of the courier in order to arrange a new appointment for the collection of the purchased products.

In which it is not possible to make the delivery due to the unavailability of the recipient, the ordered goods will be returned and the standard shipping cost will be charged to the customer even if you were taking advantage of the free shipping, any costs may also be charged of stock.

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