In 2009, while we were preparing the first version of, the idea that guided us was to make available to all our experience in selling socks matured through years of commerce in direct contact with the public.

We still remember the uncertainties of doubt that accompanied us birth of our site, we started from the quality standards of the service offered to our really very high customers and this was something we were not willing to give up. And so it was!

Over the years we have never stopped updating the site, even while we were already working on the new version. I think this new version is the expression of the experience gained in the e-commerce world of course. we are adapted to new technologies, first and foremost the new site and designed specifically for use on mobile devices or on tablets, in order to be ever closer to our customers. But our commitment as always is not only at the technological level but also and above all in the choice of the products to offer, it is not just a question of adding new products but also of giving up those that do not meet our quality standards, we have not hesitated not even a moment to eliminate those companies that decided to lower the quality of the final consumer.

We have a constant commitment to guarantee that the product you buy best value for money, of course, that knows us already knows, we have a minimum level of quality under which we are not willing to go down even if this means not being able to offer excessively cheap products.

Because the philosophy that has always been at the base of our company since its inception is: Never sell any product that we are not willing to wear ourselves or to let our children wear this!

This is the basic idea on which our choices of quality are based.

As far as customer service is concerned, our philosophy is more or less the same: We treat every customer as you would like to be treated!

We apply this in every aspect of customer support, whether we are asked for simple advice or in the in case there is any problem to be solved.

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