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Elegance has no size!

Elegance has no size!

Who said that to be elegant you have to be thin?

Who said that to be elegant you have to be thin?

Curvy fashion now has nothing to envy of fashion for small sizes.

What is elegance?

The concept of elegance is subjective and has parameters or indicators that are widely shared but elegance is above all being always oneself and feeling perfectly at ease and in harmony with what one is wearing.

Elegance is an internal gift, within reach of every woman because it is, above all, simplicity and naturalness.

Every woman has the opportunity to show her style, her taste, her class and can always improve them to always feel at the top in every occasion.

Curvy fashion

In recent years we have noticed a substantial change in fashion.

Until a few years ago, fashion was the absolute prerogative of skinny top models but today we find a new mental openness towards the soft curves of women. Now on the catwalks and magazines we find top models with soft shapes, curvy top models!

And with curvy we do not mean "overweight women" but women who feel at ease with their bodies and find a balance by enhancing their qualities and hiding their flaws with clothing. be the basis of our style.

Form and substance must be combined with skill to find the right outfit suitable for our body. The so-called "comfortable sizes" have slowly crept into the collections of international designers and artists. Many models that meet the needs of all. We find Fiorella Rubino, Elena Mirò, Lizalù and many Italian fashion designers, who have decided to dedicate entire collections to curvy women.

Obviously some hosiery have adapted to this new trend and have produced tights and stockings, with softer measures, to match to clothes.

On Calzeland.it you can find different classic curvy models such as

- Mambo 20 denier tights with reinforced panty and toe

- Reposè 40 denier pantyhose with panty and toe reinforced

also models worked like:

- Caracas 60 denier pantyhose with rhombi

- Dokai 60 denier tights herringbone processing

- Network 40 denier tights with fake braiding behind

- Parigi 40 denier tights with roses and fake lacing

- Spain 40 denier tights with fake thigh-high

Even the fantasies are just fine, just as always, don't overdo it.

So much choice, but above all so natural.

Smile happy and you will always be beautiful.

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