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New Year Customs

In Italy New Year customs vary from region to region. Let's see what the most common...

Let's see what the most common:
Eat lentils at midnight saying that bring money usually wear out the sausage.
With the arrival of the new year, as a sign of change (for the better hopefully!) Is a good omen to throw old things. (Be careful that there is out the window!)
The Pops New Year's are a symptom of joy and happiness. In the tradition holds that the fireworks, especially the fire, purify it of evil spirits and all other opposition. You can replace the barrels with many candles, scented maybe that will help set the mood.
They can then miss the pomegranates on the table, because it symbolizes marital fidelity. In some legends from around the world it is said that Proserpine was inextricably linked to him by the god Hades Plutone after the bite of a pomegranate.
Another plant is considered auspicious good mistletoe traditionally gives both material and spiritual fecundity. Sacred to ancient peoples, the Druids used it in sacred ceremonies and celebrations of purification, while the Celts believed that this plant was born, where a thunderbolt had fallen and that a particular drink made of this plant was a powerful elixir against sterility.
Do not miss the tradition of wetting a finger in a glass of champagne and passing it behind the ear.
The tradition sexier, wearing red lingerie, is a custom more recent and seems to derive from ancient Chinese traditions believe that the red, the color of the wedding, the joy, of happiness. Methanol is a very good amulet for fertility in both female and male, but the attention to tradition that used to close this opportunity is thrown away the next day.
 "What do you do all year long New Year" with this sentence ... let our users choice, will opt for sure that the right thing!
In addition is a must to wear something new and bring at least a few coins in his pocket to ensure a year of wealth.
Another tradition of the first day of the year is to leave the house with money in my pocket (after you have woken up) because it is a good omen for the start, and if you meet an old man (synonym of life long-lived) or a hunchback ( synonymous with luck) will really be a lucky year, but in some parts of Italy is fortunate enough to come across a person of the opposite sex for a year of good luck (cohabitants are excluded, of course !!!!!).
In other countries there are also other customs: in Spain it is customary to eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight, India is a must to celebrate in the streets outside the home, in Japan you can drink sake and listen to 108 shots gong for the countdown.
We recommend it as socks for the last year:
Valentina - ups in black mesh with red velvet flounce
Parigi - faux black mesh tights with printed red roses
Joriki - strip-panty tights with holes
So we try to mix all these customs and hope that 2012 is better than 2011.
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