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Emma Marrone and her black stockings

Emma Marrone and her black stockings

We all saw it in the second evening of Sanremo this year ...

We all saw her in the second evening of Sanremo this year ... I'm talking about Emma Marrone, we saw her coming down the stairs of the Ariston with that long black dress, very elegant and fishnet stockings. Yes, the fishnet stockings that apparently scandalized the journalist Davide Maggio.Emma Marrone and her stocking black

"If you have an important leg, avoid wearing fishnet stockings" these were his words. Obviously, Emma Marrone had no problem responding in kind to this "gentleman", reiterating that body shaming with politically correct language, does not know if it is more embarrassed or boring and added "I mainly appeal to girls, to the very young ones: avoid listening to or reading comments like that. Your body is perfect as it is, you have to love and respect it and above all you have to dress as you like, whether you have important legs or not "and always referring to social networks and girls, he continues saying" There are those who can handle them and live them with irony and there are those unfortunately, especially on social networks, where everyone speaks, judges, insults, they do not realize that maybe there is someone who reads and is very fragile and risks fall into an endless black hole. "

The intervention of Laura Boldrini
Boldrini also took his side, declaring "Well done Emma Marrone, it is not men who decide how women can dress! Everyone must feel free to wear what they want, without risking body shaming. Judging the female body. it is among the most hateful forms of male chauvinism. "

The thing that leaves me stunned is that for a little more notoriety, we have to denigrate others sometimes insulting them without a real reason and in this case throwing everything on television during a wonderful show, already criticized of its own, like the festival. of Sanremo.

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