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Are you looking for the ideal sock to wear in spring?

Are you looking for the ideal sock to wear in spring?

Calzeland.it offers you knee-highs and socks in lisle yarn to satisfy your every need ...

First of all, what is the lisle thread?

The lisle yarn is a cotton yarn that is mercerised to make it even more precious and fresh. With this process the fibers stretch perfectly and improve the ability to absorb sweat, leaving the foot dry, giving breathable, anti-allergic and antibacterial properties to the sock.
The dyeing of lisle yarn is brighter than that of regular cotton.

Gambaletto al ginocchio Boston costa larga in filo di scozia uomoCalzeland.it proposes Gambaletto Boston, knee-high in lisle yarn with wide rib knit that allows the sock to adapt to any leg because it adheres well and widens on the calves a little more important.
The knee-high elastic is high, it does not let the sock come down but it does not tighten and does not leave marks on the leg. The seam on the toe is flat and does not bother the toes.
This knee-high is ideal for summer periods and being very fine it can also be used for ceremonies under elegant dresses.

Calzino corto in filo di scozia a costa larga uomoThe same sock is also available in a short version Calzino Boston which has the same qualities as the knee-high but is shorter. This sock is ideal for those who can't stand knee-length socks.

uomo Gambaletto in cotone a costina fine al ginocchio cuciture rimagliate Another stocking for spring is the Gambaletto in cotone with small rib that allows the sock to adapt to even the most slender legs and is more resistant than lisle while remaining a light sock.
The 1/1 rib knitting allows the sock to widen and therefore is also fine for those who have a little thick legs that swell during the day.
The knee-high has stitched seams that do not bother the fingers.

Gambaletto uomo in cotone a maglia liscia al ginocchioAnd for those who can't stand ribs there is Gambaletto a maglia liscia and elasticized for comfort that lasts all day. This sock also has stitched seams that don't bother the toes.

Calzino corto Delicado uomo in cotone alla caviglia con costine piccoleIf you are looking for a sportier sock you can try Calzino corto a costine, a cotton sock at the ankle.

The rib knit is ideal for those with wide feet or those who swell because the sock stretches without tightening.
The sock has a soft cuff that does not mark; it is made of light cotton that absorbs sweat and leaves the foot dry avoiding the onset of mycosis.

Calzeland.it dresses your feet with the best yarns.

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