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Manicured feet

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Added by: mirella, the18 November 2013, in the category"Not only socks"
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Località: Italy

Abstract: Having beautiful feet is something simple and easy that does not even require much time.

The feet are very often one of the parts of our body that we all tend to overlook, however, the foot care is a very important and essential to be able to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Get a bowl , fill it halfway with warm water and add a little ' soap : At this point , simply dip your feet in the water and after about ten minutes start to rub it with a pumice stone .
Use an old toothbrush to scrub the nails of the feet. Do not do it in a hurry , but enjoy the warm water and brush your nails well both above and below .
In the end, dries well your feet well a towel , do not rub , but gently tamponali .
Do not dry the skin completely , but leave a little ' wet , otherwise your feet will begin to crack. In any case , be sure to dry thoroughly the skin between the toes.

Apply a moisturizer on the feet. There are so many types of products , so do not choose the first one you find. Also, remember that the price does not guarantee quality : there are so many cheap products that guarantee however exceptional results . Apply the cream and massage carefully every foot step up the tree , heels and ankles. Do not go overboard with the amount , otherwise the skin will not be able to absorb the cream completely .

Use a nail clipper to shorten the toe nails. Try to be precise and to make a straight cut , then rounds the sharp edges with an emery board .

And in the end put a little ' nail polish , choosing a good color for special occasions and a clear coat on normal days .

If you do not have to go out , put a little cream and socks : it's a shame to cover the colored nails, but the feet need warmth and moisture!

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